You are a career development professional committed to helping clients find professional satisfaction and success. But, how do you differentiate your skills and service to satisfy clients and generate further referrals?

CareerLeader is the world-leading business career assessment program, based on over 50 collective years of research. Over 93% of top business programs around the globe have made CareerLeader a cornerstone of their career development programs, providing quantitative guidance to the students and counselors who work with them. By providing a common framework and analysis of one's interests, motivators and skills, CareerLeader helps students and counselors work together more effectively. To private career counselors, CareerLeader offers all of these same advantages to improve the overall quality of their client service.

Our licensing terms offer some distinct advantages to the private career coach – a simple "per use" license that you can choose to include in your fee or pass along to your clients.

To learn more about offering CareerLeader in your practice, we invite you to contact us.