CareerLeader is the world-leading business career self-assessment program. It provides a robust analysis of a student's interests, skills and motivators, and then matches them to specific career paths and cultures that are likely to be the best fit.

For our college and university clients, we offer two products:

CareerLeader, designed for graduate-level students
(MBA and other Masters-degree students)

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and other Masters-degree programs are expected to provide significant levels of support, resources and guidance to their students to help them accelerate their future careers. Many students invest in these degree programs with the goal of changing their industry or function. CareerLeader is unsurpassed in its ability to provide specific, actionable guidance to this population.

CareerLeader-College, designed for undergraduates considering a career in business

Undergraduate programs are having to compete for the most talented students, and the programs are measured on their ability to help students find their first job after graduation. "Business" as a field is much harder to define than alternatives such as "medicine" or "law", and can be overwhelming for undergraduates to evaluate. All too often, students will start their careers in business based on what's available to them, rather than what's right for them. Adapted from the flagship CareerLeader product to suit undergraduate students specifically, CareerLeader-College is an essential resource for helping your students find their right path in business, as well as the knowledge of why it's the right path.

To learn more about offering CareerLeader or CareerLeader-College to your students, we invite you to contact us.