In an increasingly competitive global economy, leading companies recognize that keeping their top talent, and maximizing their professional growth, needs to be a key strategic priority. And, the ability to retain top talent rests in a company's ability to craft a career path and vision that meets the individual's needs, as well as the business needs of the company. As the world-leading business career self-assessment program, CareerLeader is instrumental in helping companies achieve this objective through its JobSculpting® consulting services.

As a key tool in an employee's career development process, CareerLeader provides actionable information that can be used to craft a better fit between an employee's work and their unique profile of the three core factors -- their deeply embedded life interests, skills, and motivators. When jobs enable employees to maximize these core factors, productivity rises and turnover decreases — two crucial advantages for any organization. Employees benefit too, by doing work that they find more engaging and interesting. It's a win-win for everyone.

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