In the early 1980s Drs. James Waldroop and Timothy Butler were colleagues at Harvard Business School and were feeling unsatisfied with the assessment instruments available at the time. They believed in the need for an assessment tool designed specifically for business students and professionals—a mission that would ultimately lead to the launch of CareerLeader.

Their initial research was based on data from their collective work as independent career counselors, which was done in consultation with senior executives and organizations. This research led to the publication of their first book, Discovering Your Career in Business (Addison-Wesley, 1997).

They then brought their self-assessment tool to the Web, and CareerLeader as we know it today was born. The CareerLeader research database has since grown to over half a million people, and continues to provide the foundation for the science behind the program. Research, teaching, training and writing activities support the continued evolution of CareerLeader to suit marketplace needs.