Your unique interest pattern is the most important factor in determining the right choice for your career. It is also highly stable, even over the course of your lifetime.

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This table shows how interested you are in each of the eight core elements of work in business and other organizations (when compared to several hundred thousand other business professionals). For example:
  • A score of 88 means that your interest in this area is stronger than 88% of other business professionals.
  • A score of 25 means that your interest is stronger than 25% of other business professionals (therefore 75% of them are more interested than you are).




Enterprise Control
Personal High
99 Interested in setting business strategy and having the power to ensure that the strategy is carried out. Ultimately want general management role.
Influencing People
Personal High
86 Enjoy persuading others, whether to buy a product or service, or to support a proposal. Often enjoy making presentations, but may prefer writing or one-to-one negotiations.
Creative Production
66 Enjoy brainstorming novel ideas for products and services. Prefer early, creative stages of businesses and projects to later "maintenance" phase.
Managing People and Teams
50 Interested working with and through others on a day-to-day basis to accomplish concrete business goals. Enjoy leading teams, and prefer line management to staff roles.
Application of Technology 14 Interested in learning about and using new technologies. Enjoy analyzing and designing (or redesigning) business processes such as production and operations systems.
Coaching and Mentoring 14 Enjoy helping develop employees and others to reach their fullest potential. Often prefer work with high social values, and organizations with a collaborative culture.
Quantitative Analysis 6 Prefer solving business issues by "running the numbers." Enjoy building computer models, doing financial and market research analysis.
Theory Development and Research 5 Interested in high-level abstract thinking about business issues, and the theory (as well as the practice) of business strategy. Enjoy doing in-depth research.
Personal High: This interest is significantly stronger than your other interests, regardless of its numeric value.
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