Since you can't have everything, knowing what motivates you – and how much – is absolutely essential for choosing the right career.

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This table shows how motivated you are by each of the 13 motivators typically found in work in business and other organizations. The higher the number, the more important it is to you.




Security 9 The position offers a great deal of security in terms of predictable salary, benefits, and future employment.
Lifestyle 8 The position allows ample time to pursue other important aspects of my lifestyle (family, leisure activities, etc.).
Variety 8 The position offers a great deal of variety in the nature of the work performed.
Affiliation 7 The position offers a setting with enjoyable colleagues with whom I feel a sense of belonging.
Intellectual Challenge 7 The position offers consistent intellectual challenge.
Managing People 7 The position offers the opportunity to manage and direct other people.
Prestige 6 The position is with an organization that is prestigious in its field.
Autonomy 5 The position offers considerable autonomy and independence.
Positioning 5 The position offers experience and access to people and opportunities that will position me well for my next career move.
Recognition 5 The position is in an environment where individual accomplishments are recognized with praise from peers and superiors.
Altruism 4 The position offers the satisfaction of regularly helping others with their individual or business concerns.
Power and Influence 4 The position offers the opportunity to exercise power and influence (to be an influential decision-maker).
Financial Gain 3 The position provides excellent opportunity for exceptional financial reward.
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