Different careers require different skills. How confident are you that you have - or can develop - the skills you need to succeed in different careers? .

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Don't let yourself make the very common mistake of pursuing a career that you're not really excited about simply because you're good at it. Like choosing a career that doesn't interest you just because it pays well, this is a recipe for you to lead an unsatisfying, and ultimately unsuccessful, career. Think first, "What am I really interested in?" and then, "What careers will let me express those interests, and for which I have the skills I'll need to succeed?" Keep in mind that to succeed, you need enough skill to do the work. But, once you've cleared that threshold, you're fine. Is more skill better? Maybe. But, if you and a colleague have the same skill level, and that person is far more interested in the work, chances are they will be more successful. And, while self-confidence is a powerful predictor of actual performance, we recommend that you also ask for feedback from other people who are able to assess your skills.

These are skills in which you are significantly more confident than other business professionals.
Creative Thinking:able to think creatively, generating new ideas and approaches to situations.
Motivational Ability:understands how to motivate different kinds of people to do their best work.
Political Skill:knows how to get things done within the political framework of an organization.
Recognition of Opportunity:recognizes new opportunities and acts to take advantage of them.
Sensitivity and Tact:sensitive and tactful: promotes an atmosphere of good feeling and mutual consideration.
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